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I have a super power that allows me to be able to stay at home, all day, for days to even weeks without feeling the need to get out.

And let me just tell ya, that super power sure is coming in handy right now thanks to COVID-19.

I know a lot of you aren’t accustomed to staying at home for long periods of time, and even when I first quit corporate and was at home all day it took some adjusting. So here are some tips for making this time more bearable.

Start your day right

An important, and often overlooked, part of having a good day is in the morning routine. Start your day off with stretches ( I like 10min yoga morning stretches on youtube) and clear your mind/mediate. It doesn’t have to be Yogi style, just try to take deep breaths, calm your body and heart rate, repeat positive affirmations for your day, or even spend it in prayer.

Ease In To Work

If this is your first time working at home, you may feel the need to force yourself to be glued to your desk chair for the full 8+ hours. I’d advise you to avoid this. Take breaks, and take them often. Let yourself take a trip to your patio, show your pets some love, play with your kids for a few, take time brewing a cup of coffee or tea and drink it slowly. Allow yourself peace amongst the work.

Try Out Different Work Spaces

Sometimes sitting at a desk isn’t the best way to get things done. Try sitting near a window with a great view and propping up your feet. Try working outside, or even in the bed if that’s your jam, or on the kitchen counter with your brewing coffee next to you.

Get Dressed

Those who aren’t used to working from home may find it harder to get inspired if you stay in your PJs. So take the time to wake up, wash your face, get dressed and welcome the work day.

Blast the Music or Podcasts

For me, music is a huge factor to enjoying the day. Find some jams that just perk you up and put some pep in your step. Then…DANCE if you feel the need. Don’t let yourself be too strict, this isn’t the workplace. Dancing, singing, enjoying the tunes will boost your happiness.

And for those of you who love podcasts, crank them up.Use these methods to keep your mind occupied and off the fact you’re stuck at home.


Whether it’s paper or audio, books are a good way to help plunge yourself into an alternate reality and forget your troubles for a few hours. Some recent favorites of mine are the Monk series by Anne Perry. They are detective novels with good mystery with a hint of romance 👍

Pick Up a hobby

That thing you’ve been wanting to try or craft? Now is a great time to do just that. Pick up some hobbies to fill in your afternoon hours. Whether that is gaming, board games, puzzles, art, sewing, knitting, cooking/baking, or even a new side-gig. Time is on your side.


This is something you definitely need to do if you aren’t getting out as much…sunbathe. Sit on your balcony or porch, and take in those sunny rays of Vitamin D. Use that time to spend with your pet or even take a little cat nap. It’s rejuvenating in it’s own way.

Laugh….a lot

Laughter is the best medicine, even for cabin fever. So allow yourself some laughter in any form, whether that’s comedy shows, movies, or funny podcasts. I recently watched What About Bob? and giggled to my heart’s content.


Hope this helps! If you have any tips of your own, be sure to share them below in the comments.