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The Designer Mentorship

Ever felt overwhelmed with lack of understanding, guidance, or knowledge when it comes to running your own design business?

Whether it’s understanding how to showcase yourself, target your ideal audience, or methods to serve your clients better – the questions can be endless.

Sometimes you just want to find a guru you can ask infinite questions to without scouring the web or purchasing all different types of courses.

Desire no more! Because that’s exactly what I’m offering you.

Hannah Robinson

I’ve run my own design business full-time for 2 years, and freelanced for 7. I’ve worked in a variety of corporate environments learning the tools of the trade before diving into my own and helping creative businesses thrive through creative direction, branding, and design. I recall all too well how overwhelming the beginning can be… and even the middle.

It’s hard to know everything and sometimes you just want to hear another person who was in your shoes telling you exactly how they progressed and grew. When I recall wanting that for myself at the beginning, I decided to make that happen for you.

Mentorship Program Details


Book Your Time

This is a 3-day long consulting mentorship. Simply choose between 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm time slots for each day. I’ll make sure to be available during those times. You don’t have to book the days consecutively either. If you need time between our meetings , take that into consideration when picking your dates. 

Join me in a private chat

That’s right, just me and you chatting away! This allows for privacy and growth. Not only will you walk away with answers to your questions but a new found friendship. We will message each other in Slack, allowing you to leave notes when I’m away or go back and reference our previous conversations.


Grow Your Knowledge

Whether it’s questions about running your own business, using design programs, or even critiquing your work. I’ll give you open, honest feedback, and answer your questions to the best of my ability. My knowledge is now your knowledge.

What is the mentorship?

This one on one consulting is designed to be a friendly and open environment. You schedule times in a private chatroom where you can ask me for advice, to answer questions or even give feedback on your work.

It’s a mentorship that is designed to fit YOUR needs. Ask me anything, and I’ll answer to the absolute best of my ability. An honest exchange to help encourage your growth and clarity in your business.

For a limited time Only $495 for a 3 day Mentorship!

It’s a total steal, right?!

Here is what you can look forward to after our mentorship:

Walk away with a better grip on your business system
Get clarity on what has you stuck
Feel confident serving your clients and presenting work you’re proud of
Nurture & elevate your design style
Increase your knowledge of Adobe programs
Better define and discover your own brand
Walk away feeling you aren’t alone in your business venture


What happens after I apply?

After you apply I will personally review your application to make sure that we will be a great fit and I can fulfill your needs. If accepted, I’ll then send you over the calendar for you to pick your time blocks for our chatroom!

What are you providing?

You’re investing into my time, expert knowledge, and artistic direction. There won’t be any other deliverables other than mentorship, design clarity, and quality time with me.

Will you design for me?

I will be available for feedback and critique when it comes to your work, but I will not design for you. This is all about growth and learning to apply your own style and grow your skill set.

Are you available 24/7 during the week I book?

Nope! Because let’s be real, we have lives outside our businesses. Haha! You simply pick the time slot that works best for you (9-12 or 1-4) for your chosen days. I’ll be inside the chatroom during those times. Of course, you can always leave questions and such in the chatroom whenever you feel the need, but I won’t be able to get back to you until the schedule time slots.

What if I can’t make one of the scheduled times?

Life happens, I totally get that. If an emergency comes up and you can’t make one of the days we scheduled to chat, simply let me know the day before and we can reschedule. You are allowed to reschedule your times once before they are locked in.

Will we be doing phone or video calls?

This mentorship is designed to flow well during your work week. There won’t be any calls scheduled to break up your day, instead there will be an open chat room for you to freely enter and exit. This allows for you to multitask and conquer your day.

Now accepting applications!

An all-in-one experience perfectly designed for you, exactly where you are right now in your business.

I remember how overwhelming and scary starting your own business can be…

(especially if you are going at it alone)

When starting out I purchased several courses and watched endless webinars attempting to learn the tools of my trade. Always wishing I could just “ask someone.”

This mentorship is created to help conquer those feelings, encourage growth, knowledge, and deepen relationships.

An all-in-one experience perfectly designed for you, exactly where you are right now in your business.