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About Us

We handcraft professional brands that are full of personality and sincerity, so that our clients stand out and boldly go forth with confidence.





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What is branding?

Marketing is the explanation of what you do, helping people understand clearly what you offer. Branding is how you make those people feel. They go hand in hand, but the latter is what really sets you apart.

A successful brand accomplishes 4 things:

  • Defines your purpose
  • Identifies your ideal client and niche
  • Creates recognition and trust
  • Highlights your style and personality

Defines your purpose:

A great brand defines your purposes and showcases it. It takes your passion and funnels it into your visuals. It is important that you look DEEP into your business and discuss the heart behind your work.

Discuss how you want to make a difference. Define your purpose and mission. Then you can bring that to life in your branding.

Identifies your ideal client & defines your niche:

We already know how important it is to know WHO you are marketing towards. So branding helps us reflect that and speak directly to them by knowing their values, interests, and what they like.

You will walk away with specific client profiles, letting you speak confidently and directly to your ideal client.

Note that speaking broadly speaks to no one.

Creates recognition and trust:

You don’t want prospective clients feeling like you don’t care. That this is just some sort of side-income.

We know that’s not true! You are passionate about photography, and you love working with others. A successful brand showcases this and leaves viewers with the subconscious feeling that they trust you.

Plus, the more consistent you are with your brand visuals the more professional you appear and the more you become memorable. You want to establish recognition in your field, and a consistent brand is one huge factor to that.

Highlights your style and personality:

What makes my branding process a little more unique, is the fact that I really harp on how important it is to be yourself and allow that to shine through your brand.

While knowing your audience and attracting them is important, with something as personal as photography… letting your personality shine allows you to stand out.

Your photography style, the way you take photos, how you treat your clients, how you make them feel in front of the camera, or the jokes you make during the shoot are all part of your brand.

This is what makes you different from your competitors. Because NO ONE can replicate YOU.


Why do you need branding?

First impressions are important.

Not everybody knows that the “first impression” is actually only a seven second window upon first meeting someone. I believe this doesn’t just apply to a face-to-face meeting, but also digital-to-face encounters.

Whether it’s the first time your client is seeing your Instagram, reading your captions, viewing your website, or seeing your logo in a wedding magazine/blog, all of these moments create a first impression on potential clients.

Crafting a brand for your business that supports and enhances your already amazing photography, is a key to success.

We are Visual & Emotional

In a generation that has become increasingly visual (and emotional), attracting your audience and then reeling them in with an authentic & unique story is essential to a successful business.

As we begin Lesson 1…our goal will be to think deeper.

Define the story and reveal the emotion, we won’t be just stating the facts.



Tune in next week for:

Lesson 1: Finding Focus, Defining Your Niche, Identifying Your Aesthetic