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About Us

We handcraft professional brands that are full of personality and sincerity, so that our clients stand out and boldly go forth with confidence.





Welcome to Lesson 1 where we are going to be diving deep to unearth and define your brand! Click the image above to view the IG TV video. This lesson has a worksheet, download it here.

Finding Focus

It’s so important to find focus in your business 
and then

If you confuse you lose. Understand what defines your business and makes you unique. Celebrate your strengths and what you do best, and flaunt that. Show your clients your expertise, the thought that goes into what you create, and the philosophy and aesthetic that makes you different – they will be flocking to your inbox. 

I’ve created a worksheet full of thought-provoking questions to do just that. Download the worksheet here.

Take your time filling that out, and if you have any questions feel free to comment below and get the discussion started.

Identifying your ideal client

Your Niche

It takes bravery to start your own business, and even more to talk to a truly unique (and specific) niche. 
Sometimes we feel like narrowing our focus reduces our opportunity to make sales, but that is far from the truth. 

When we define our niche, we speak directly to them and make them avid fans. 
And fans share more and praise more, helping spread your message.

Defining our niche also helps filter the people you work with, in a good way. Be prepared for people to walk away because they don’t agree with your vision. That’s OKAY! Let them and leave room for the clients that will trust you, know your worth, flex your skills, and give you projects you are excited to share.

So brainstorm who you enjoy working with the most, what niche in the market you want to target. Sometimes you’ve already worked with your ideal clients, and you can use that as inspiration to continue to define.

For example, you want to work with the adventurous couples that scale mountains with you for that perfect shot. That’s your ideal client. Once you’ve defined that, go even further by understanding your client and making profiles for them.

Understanding Your Client

One of the key parts to a successful brand is knowing your clients. Go beyond the traditional specs (age, income bracket and so on) and think about what your dream client values and why they would choose you over a competitor.

Here are some questions to assist:

What is their lifestyle like?
What do they value?
Where do they shop?
What drives them?
What websites do they frequent?
What content appeals to them most?
What do they NOT like?

Create Client Profiles

Now that you have a better understanding of your customers, create client profiles for the specific people you want to work with. Use previous projects or clients you loved working with as a starting point. Give these client profiles a name, age, gender, occupation, and so forth. When you write copy for your website or social media posts, think about these profiles and speak directly to one of them.