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About Us

We handcraft professional brands that are full of personality and sincerity, so that our clients stand out and boldly go forth with confidence.





Let’s cut to the chase. In today’s digital world your website is everything. I would say it even trumps your branding (hear me out). Even if you have the most beautiful brand, if your website is not attracting, retaining, or selling, then it’s useless. Your website is probably your main funnel, and that means getting peering eyes to reach out and contact you. Below are 5 reasons to invest in a professional website. Pull up a comfy chair, a notebook, and a cup of joe and let’s get started.

1. Stand out

Are you getting lost in the crowd of others doing the same thing you do? Are you a photographer? Do you feel like everyone and their mom is a photographer? Well you’re slightly correct and if you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of competition have you taken a look at your website? You are very unique, your services are unique, and your products are unique – your website should be too. By creating something online that better reflects you, you set yourself apart from the thousands of other photographers.

2. Your Website is Your Home

Your website is your home on the internet. If you were to invite people over to your actual home on earth, you would clean up! You would pick up all your kids toys, or sweep up all your dogs hair, and make sure the presentation is as spotless as you can muster! Then people coming into your home are not distracted by the mess, but instead are excited and looking forward to spending time there.

Think of your website in the same way. You are inviting people into your home (online) and if your site is out to date, a mess, or just non-existent you are allowing others to judge you negatively which can cause you to lose out on a potential client.

3. Your Products are Amazing

Our next point shouldn’t come as a shock: your products are amazing! They are! You are amazing, your services are amazing, and they deserve to be seen as such! Let’s say we take all your beautiful photography, the photography that you’ve spent years working on, countless dollars on, and set it all on top of a trash can lid and served it to people. It wouldn’t go over well. Your website, is your serving tray. Is it a trash can lid? Or is it a gorgeous marble platter?

4. When to DIY

We are throwing this one in here because it’s very relevant. If you are in the beginning stages of your business and can’t afford a professional, look into templates and DIY. If you are super computer savvy and you want to do it yourself, look into DIY. However, if you are not computer savvy save yourself from buying extensions and look into collaborating with a professional (because it might cause you to want to rip your hair out half-way in). And lastly, if you’ve been in business for awhile and your ready to create cohesion, amp up your products/services, and finally speak directly to your clients and finally reflect yourself – investing in a professional is the way to go.

5. Attracting a Higher Clientele

And last point, is you’re ready to start attracting a higher clientele. You want to increase your prices because you deserve to! Your products /services are amazing and are higher clientele ready. So you pull the trigger, amp up the prices, and crickets. Eek. Have you looked at your website lately to see if that might be the reason? Is your website high-end? Is your website pulling people in and wanting them to buy your services?

TIP: Pick the Right Designer

This isn’t one of the 5, but it is important. There are so many amazing designers out there, which leaves you no excuse not to pick the right one. Whenever you are looking to collaborate with someone on your site you need to make sure they have a design aesthetic that you like, and a personality you get along with! You’re going to be working with them for awhile so you need to make sure you won’t butt heads along the way. Also, look at their past work. See if you like their style or not. Don’t pick a designer who loves off-centered, abstract design if YOU don’t love that style too. There are so many designers who all have amazing styles, take the time to look around.

If any of these resonated with you we encourage you to take action! Don’t allow your business to suffer because you don’t want to invest. It’s all about priorities. What do you feel is a better way to spend your hard earned money? Back into your business to attract higher clientele, or on that sofa you really wanted for your studio?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below or send us an email!