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Today we want to educate you on 5 reasons product packaging impacts sales. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of products out there. We are a blessed country with the means for a high consumer rate and it has created a vast market of products. With tons of companies making tons of items, that can create tons of competition.

Effective Product Packaging Grabs Attention & Stands Out

Packaging is a means to set you apart from other products that claim the same benefits. Face wash will clean your face, and toothpaste will clean your teeth. But, when a consumer is standing in the aisle trying to figure out which one to buy, packaging is the first thing they see and your packaging needs to grab attention and stand out. You need them to pick it up first before you can woo them with your mission and ethics.

And let’s be honest here, good packaging also aids in popularity. Especially with all the phones and social media at our fingertips. How many times have you seen Glossier or Herbivore packaging on Pinterest or Instagram? You see our point.

Effective Product Packaging Informs

It doesn’t stop at being pretty, good packaging informs consumers in an easy to understand manner. People want to be informed on their purchase. Why should they pick this one? What is it offering others don’t and does its beliefs and ethics align with mine? (such as organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, animal cruelty free, and so on.)

Allowing consumers to make educated decisions by providing the information they are most interested in, in a captivating and aesthetically pleasing manner (layout, white space, font size, colors, etc.), will elevate your product from competitors.

Effective Product Packaging Offsets Price

The two points above also make a great argument for offsetting the price. Consumers want something pretty on their bathroom or kitchen shelf, especially if it won’t be hidden behind a cabinet. They also want to support those that align with their beliefs. With these two being represented in your packaging, consumers will pay that extra jump in price that is often needed to create a quality product.

Effective Product Packaging Shows Commitment to Quality

Would you feel at ease purchasing Chanel perfume that is being sold in a paper sack? Most likely not. You would question it’s integrity, quality, and legitimacy. Packaging, often subconsciously, portrays an assumption to the quality of the product. Sometimes positive, and other times negative. Is your packaging upholding your standards? Is it representing the beliefs and quality you claim your product has? It should, and if it does, that’s just another step to making a purchase and creating a lifelong consumer.

Effective Product Packaging Reinforces Your Brand Identity

Maybe you are thinking why a branding studio is writing a blog post about packaging. Well, it is because packaging is just another piece to the puzzle that is branding. It reinforces your brand identity. Your products should look and feel cohesive with your brand. This starts at your logo and flows through your colors, typography, design aesthetic, mission statement and quality. Your packaging should create recognition, and consumers should see that light go off when stumbling across your website, social media, or imagery.

Examples of Beautiful Packaging

Below are some pictures of beautiful packaging. Credits unknown and sourced from Pinterest.

Packaging just isn’t for those of you who sell items in a store. We often define packaging as anything tangible that your consumer will come in contact with. If you know elevating your brand is something on your to-do list this year, then reach out and contact us. We want nothing more than to work with you to create intentional, beautiful, compelling brands and designs.